Playing at the Greenhouse Theater Center: 2257 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago


Passionate. Brilliant. Defiant.

Emilie Du Chatelet was a brilliant 18th century philosopher, mathematician and physicist (not to mention lover to Voltaire), who published many works, not the least of which includes a translation of Isaac Newton’s Principia, in which she made an incredible contribution to Newton’s inimitable Laws of Energy.

In this lively and imaginative play by award-winning playwright Lauren Gunderson (Miss Bennet, Silent Sky), 18th century scientific genius Emilie du Châtelet awakes from death to answer the questions she died with. What takes precedent? Love or philosophy? Head or heart? In a world shrouded in chauvinism, with dilemmas from her past sitting beyond her reach, Emilie seeks answers to the big questions. And as she brilliantly added to Newton’s understanding of the universe after his death, so she enlightens and enlivens our universe after hers.

Join us for Bryan Wakefield’s insightful imagining of Lauren Gunderson’s delightful play.

“An evening of humor and heartbreak with a powerhouse ending.” – BroadwayWorld.com

Emilie is quite possibly the best play I have read in a very long time,”- Robert Schenkkan, Pulitzer Prize Winning playwright

“Gunderson possesses an antic imagination that seeks to invent its own rules. As soon as we’re drawn in, she shakes us and whisks us 10 or 15 paces ahead.” –Los Angeles Times

“The ambitious, non-linear experiment is a highly theatrical romp that literally crackles with electricity.” –LA/OC Examiner

Commissioned and produced by South Coast Repertory Theatre in Costa Mesa, CA, 2009.




Laura Sturm

Joel Moses

Gay Glenn

Sara Copeland

John Arthur Lewis


Lauren Gunderson

Bryan Wakefield

Jessica Haworth
Assistant Director

Angela Kring
Stage Manager

Jeremy W. Floyd
Costume Designer

Tony Reimer
Sound Designer

Terrence McClellan
Scenic Designer

Theresa Kelly
Lighting Designer

Mazi Jurgenson
Properties Designer

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